Courses whose list changes by term

The following courses are topics courses. Which list they fall under will depend on the topic that is covered in the section that you wish to enroll in. To determine which list the course falls under each semester, please email These courses will automatically be placed in your List C category until you email the program to have the course updated for you in degree navigator depending on the term.

***Please note that not all courses are offered every session. Please refer to the course timetable for current offerings.***

Code Subject Course Credits Course Name Pre-reqs?
POLI Political Science 328 3 Topics in Comparative Politics n
POLI Political Science 333 3 Issues in Comparative Politics n

Note: in 2023W, the following lists apply:

  • POLI 308C (Issues in Canadian Politics) – List C
  • POLI 328D – List A
  • POLI 333D – List C

You must email the IR Program Manager at irmajor.program[at] to request an edit to your Degree Navigator report if you take one of these courses.