Students can pursue an IR Major or IR Minor within the Bachelor of Arts at UBC. A limited number of students are admitted to the IR Major each year. Both the IR Major and Minor are interdisciplinary and consist of a wide variety of courses from across different departments and faculties.

Honours Programs

The International Relations program does not offer its own undergraduate Honours program; however, students wishing to do an Honours program with an International Relations focus can do so through the departments of History or Political Science. Students must apply directly to one of these departments for admission into the Honours program during their second year.

Undergraduate Support

The IR program office is committed to providing excellent support for its students including advising services, events, special programming and web resources for undergraduate research, career development, international opportunities, grad school information, and much more.

We are also fortunate to have a very vibrant student association offering many different activities and involvement opportunities for students throughout the year.

If you have any feedback on how our services can be improved, please email irmajor.program@ubc.ca.