List A: International Diplomacy, Security, and Peace Studies

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Code Subject Course Credits Course Name Pre-requ
APSC Applied Science 377 3 Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control n
ASIA Asian Studies 410 3 International Relations in Pre-modern East Asia n
ASIA Asian Studies 430 3 International Relations in Modern East Asia: Korea and Japan n
ECON Economics 485 3 Political Economy y
EOSC Earth and Ocean Sciences 340 3 Global Climate Change y
GEOG Geography 302 3 Climate Justice n
GEOG Geography 316 3 Geography of Natural Hazards y
GEOG Geography 329 3 Political Geography n
GEOG Geography 357 3 Society, Culture, and Space n
GRSJ Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice 305 3 Social Justice issues in Community and International Organizing n
GRSJ Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice 326* 3 The Politics of Gender, Families, and Nation-Building

*Please note this course is currently restricted to GRSJ majors. Please contact for registration enquiries

HIST History 310 3 The British Empire to 1850 n
HIST History 311 3 The British Empire after 1850 n
HIST History 391 3 Human Rights in World History n
HIST History 395 3 The Nuclear Century: Scientists, Atoms, and the World Order Since 1900 n
HIST History 402 3 Problems in International Relations n
HIST History 405 3 Diplomacy and Conflict in the Middle East, 1914 to the Present n
HIST History 408 3 U.S. Foreign Relations from Independence to World War II n
HIST History 409 3 U.S. Foreign Relations since 1945 n
HIST History 418 3 The 1960s in Global Perspective n
HIST History 425 6 War and Society n
HIST History 432 6 International Relations of the Great Powers in the Twentieth Century n
HIST History 441 3 History of the Holocaust n
HIST History 460 3 Revolution and Resistance in the Third World n
HIST History 484 3 East Asian Military Systems and Warfare China n
KIN Kinesiology 360 3 Sport, Peace, and Conflict y
POLI Political Science 329 3 Gender and Politics n
POLI Political Science 334 3 Comparative Democratization n
POLI Political Science 351 3 Environmental Politics and Policy n
POLI Political Science 360 3 Security Studies n
POLI Political Science 361 3 International Violence and Its Control n
POLI Political Science 362 3 The Great Powers and International Politics n
POLI Political Science 363 3 Canadian Foreign Policy n
POLI Political Science 364 3 International Organization n
POLI Political Science 367 3 International Relations Theory and the International System n
POLI Political Science 369 3 Issues in International Security n
POLI Political Science 370 3 Issues in International Conflict Management n
POLI Political Science 373 3 Ethics in World Politics n
POLI Political Science 374 3 International Peace Keeping n
POLI Political Science 376 3 International Law n
POLI Political Science 377 3 Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control n
POLI Political Science 378 3 The Politics of Terrorism n
SOCI Sociology 420 3 Sociology of the Environment y
SOCI Sociology 430 3 Global Citizenship y
SOCI Sociology 461 3 Political Sociology y