List B: International Economy and Development

***Please note that not all courses are offered every session. Please refer to the course timetable for current offerings.***

Code Subject Course Credits Course Name Pre-requ
ANTH Anthropology 330 3 Anthropology of Rural Peoples and the Global Economy y
ANTH Anthropology 360 3 Introduction to Ecological Anthropology y
ANTH Anthropology 472 3 Anthropological Study of Social Inequality y
ECON Economics 312 3 Political Economy of Capitalism y
ECON Economics 313 3 Marxist Economics y
ECON Economics 317 3 Poverty and Inequality y
ECON Economics 318 3 History and Philosophy of Economics from Aristotle to Adam Smith y
ECON Economics 319 3 History and Philosophy of Economics from Ricardo to Keynes y
ECON Economics 334 3 Economic History of Modern Europe y
ECON Economics 335 3 Fertility, Families and Human Migration y
ECON Economics 339 3 Economics of Technological Change y
ECON Economics 341 3 Economic Development of Asia y
ECON Economics 342 3 The Economy of China Since 1949 y
ECON Economics 343 3 The Economic Development of Modern Japan y
ECON Economics 351 3 Sex and Gender in the Economy y
ECON Economics 355 3 Introduction to International Trade y
ECON Economics 356 3 Introduction to International Finance y
ECON Economics 371 3 Economics of the Environment y
ECON Economics 374 3 Land Economics y
ECON Economics 387 3 Economic Reform and Transition y
ECON Economics 441 3 The Process of Economic Development y
ECON Economics 442 3 Issues in Economic Development y
ECON Economics 444 3 The Contemporary Japanese Economy y
ECON Economics 455 3 International Trade* Credit will only be granted for one of Econ 355, 455 y
ECON Economics 456 3 International Macroeconomics and Finance y
ECON Economics 471 3 Economics of Nonrenewable Resources y
ECON Economics 472 3 Economics of Renewable Resources y
ECON Economics 487 3 Comparative Economic Systems y
FNH Food, Nutrition and Health 355 3 World Problems in Nutrition n
FNH Food, Nutrition and Health 455 3 Applied International Nutrition y
FRE Food and Resource Economics 306 3 Introduction to Global Food Markets y
FRE Food and Resource Economics 340 3 International Agricultural Development y
FRE Food and Resource Economics 374 3 Land and Resource Economics y
FRE Food and Resource Economics 420 3 The Economics of International Trade and the Environment y
FRST Forestry 411 3 Complex Adaptive Systems, Global Change Science, and Ecology Sustainability y
FRST Forestry 439 3 International Forestry n
GEOG Geography 310 3 Environment and Sustainability y
GEOG Geography 311 3 Urban Environments n
GEOG Geography 312 3 Climate Change: Science and Society y
GEOG Geography 318 3 Sustainability in a Changing Environment y
GEOG Geography 321 3 Historical Geography of Urbanization: Cities, Space, and Power n
GEOG Geography 352 3 Urbanization in the Global South n
GEOG Geography 353 3 Geographies of Migration and Settlement n
GEOG Geography 361 3 Introduction to Economic Geography y
GEOG Geography 362 3 Geography of Economic Development y
GEOG Geography 364 3 Globalization, Cities, and Regions y
GEOG Geography 410 3 Environment and Society y
GEOG Geography 423 3 Development of Environmental Thought y
GEOG Geography 424 3 Feminist Geographies y
GEOG Geography 457 3 Social and Behavioural Geography y
GEOG Geography 496 3 Geography of Africa y
GRSJ Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice 306 3 Globalization and Social Justice: Gender, Race, and Sexuality in International Politics y
HIST History 330 3 History of the Global Financial Order n
HIST History 423 3 Economic and Business History of Modern Japan n
PHIL Philosophy 332 3 Environmental Ethics n
PHIL Philosophy 335 3 Power and Oppression n
PHIL Philosophy 362 3 History and Philosophy of Economics from Aristotle to Adam Smith n
PHIL Philosophy 363 3 History and Philosophy of Economics from Ricardo to Keynes n
POLI Political Science 316 3 Global Indigenous Politics n
POLI Political Science 329 3 Gender and Politics n
POLI Political Science 338 3 Politics and Development n
POLI Political Science 364 3 International Organization n
POLI Political Science 366 3 International Political Economy n
POLI Political Science 371 3 Humanitarian Engineering: Politics and Practice n
POLI Political Science 372 3 Multinational Corporations and Globalization n
POLI Political Science 375 3 Global Environmental Politics n
SOCI Sociology 301 3 Sociology of Development and Underdevelopment y
SOCI Sociology 360 3 Sociology and Natural Resources y
SOCI Sociology 361 3 Social Inequality y
SPPH School of Population and Public Health 300 3 Working in International Health n