Major in International Relations

Whether you’re intrigued by diplomacy, global governance, gender equality, economic development, peace and conflict, or climate justice, our program equips students with the critical thinking skills and theoretical frameworks necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly interconnected world. Join us as we delve into the intricate web of international relations, fostering a community of engaged scholars poised to make meaningful contributions to the world stage.

Gain a deeper understanding of pertinent world issues such as international diplomacy, global economics, security, peace studies, and much more. Your coursework will span myriad subjects, from geography, anthropology, and Asian Studies, to political science, sociology, and food, nutrition, and health.




Degree requirements

IR Language Requirement

Effective 2024W, students entering the BA program and intending to major in International Relations are required to complete 12 credits of coursework in one language other than English. The language courses can either be at the upper or lower-level, including any coursework completed prior to admission to the major. These credits must be completed by all IR major students and cannot be waived based on prior language study or an existing language competency. This rule does not apply to students currently in the IR Major Program or for any student who enrolled at UBC prior to September 2024.

Courses taken to complete the IR language requirement can also be used to fulfil the Language as Meaning Breadth Area of the Bachelor of Arts’ Ways of Knowing Breadth Requirements.  

If a student has prior experience in a language other than English prior to entering UBC and wishes to continue studying the same language at a higher level, they should consult the administering department to confirm the procedure for placement.

Variable Topics courses

For 2024W the variable topics courses are assigned as follows. Please contact the IR Program Manager to have your Academic Progress Report updated:

  • GEOG 461 – List B
  • POLI 328C – List B
  • POLI 328F – List A
  • POLI 328G – List A
  • POLI 333M – List C

IR Seminars

All students majoring in International Relations are required to complete an IR seminar during their final year. Students may register for only one of these seminars, which will also meet the Arts Research Component. Please note that all IR seminars must be taken for percentage grade. Last updated June 4 2024.

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