IR Coffees Program


In order to encourage IR students to learn more about the wide variety of career opportunities available to them, we have started the IR Coffees program. Students currently enrolled in the International Relations Major or Minor program can receive a $20 gift card for doing an information interview with a professional of their choice to find out more about their career and how it relates to IR. Blog posts on the interviews will be shared with the IR community.

Applications will be reviewed on a batch basis based on the following deadlines:

Oct 1st, Nov 1st, Dec 1st, Feb 1st, Mar 1st, Apr 1st, July 1st

Selected participants must finish their interview and blog post no later than 60 days after being approved in order to receive their gift card.

How To

  1. Review the UBC Informational Interview Page.
  2. Submit a short proposal (Max 250 words) for who you want to meet and why by email to Please include your student number on your proposal.
    • Tip: – To find a professional check out what IR Alumni are doing on our LinkedIn page.
  3. Be selected as a participant for IR Coffees.
  4. Request the interview with the professional that you have chosen – Use the UBC Informational Interview Page as a guide to how to approach a professional. Be sure to include information about IR Coffee Talks in your initial contact email.
  5. If your first interview request is unsuccessful, please consult with IR Program Manager and Advisor to select an alternative candidate.
  6. Have your interviewee sign the IR Coffees Informational Interview Consent Form to determine whether or not the interview information can be made public.
  7. Do the interview. Some possible questions include:
    • Brief summary of role
    • How does an IR degree relate to this line of work?
    • Advice for getting a job in this industry
  8. Submit a brief summary blog post (~250-500 words) to the IR program.
  9. Receive your $20 gift card.

Check out our completed blog posts!