UBC Outside-In: International Photojournal

Outside In GraphicThe Outside-In: International Photojournal is UBC’s only peer and faculty reviewed student publication for photojournalism. Open to UBC students of all faculties and disciplines, Outside-In serves as a medium for students to share their photos, as well as their knowledge of the political, the social and the economic – within the context of internationalism. We strive to create quality content which showcases the power of photojournalism and student work.

The Outside-In journal is an excellent and creative way for students to have their work and photo’s published. While submissions are open to students from all departments, the journal’s focus on international affairs makes it a valuable resource for International Relation’s students. If students would like to be a part of the journal’s editorial team, they should apply in September.

For more information about the journal, visit our website and review our submission criteria.


For questions and inquiries, contact the Editor-in-Chief by email.

Email: outsideinjournal@gmail.com

Website: www.outsideinjournal.weebly.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/outsideinjournal

Twitter: www.twitter.com/outsidein_ubc

Instagram: https://instagram.com/outsidein_ubc/