Finding an interdisciplinary education in understanding global issues: Tiffany Lee

Tiffany Lee




✔ Pronouns: She/Her


📕 Specialization: 5th year International Relations Major, Asian Canadian & Asian Migration Studies Minor & Master of Management Dual Degree


🏡 Home is: Vancouver and Calgary


✨ A second-generation Chinese Canadian residing on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam people, Tiffany found her research interest in migration studies and Asian Canadian history. Tiffany has been very involved on campus, ranging from first year orientations, musical theatre, and her current role as President of the Student Alumni Council.

Upon finishing her BA, Tiffany will be completing her Master of Management Dual Degree, and eventually hopes to work in communications, stakeholder relations, or consulting.


🌎 Why did you decide to major in IR? 

I wanted an interdisciplinary education in understanding global issues. Coming into UBC, I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to work in international affairs, but I really enjoy learning about international politics and liked the flexibility the program offered.


🌎Tell us about your transition to virtual learning. Any tips you might share?

Since going online, I’ve noticed my attention span has decreased and it’s really easy to lose focus and motivation. I make sure that my day has lots of variety between attending class, working a couple part-time jobs, doing my readings and extra-curriculars. I try to switch tasks at least every couple hours and most importantly, hydrate and do some movement!


🌎 What’s one thing that you’ve done as a student at UBC that stands out to you?

I spearheaded the UBC Scholars Community in my first year and I led the program for a couple years until I started co-op. It’s been my absolute highlight because it is the foundation of my UBC experience – developing my leadership and professional skills, meeting friends and mentors, and ultimately building a legacy on campus. I’m still very involved in the program today and will be sad to let go when I graduate!


🌎 Favourite IR class?

Among many other favourites, I really enjoyed HIST 432 with Heidi Tworek! I loved learning about hidden and diverse histories that have shaped our world.

I also really enjoyed HIST403J – Seminar in the History of International Relations – Migration in the Americas! I took this seminar last term and it was the perfect course to finish up my IR course requirements.


🌎 Share a piece of advice for future IR majors. 

Don’t be afraid to explore and start exploring early! There is so much flexibility in what courses we can take as IR students and you never know what you might find. When I started picking IR classes based on what I was actually interested in (rather than what I thought IR students should be interested in), I became much more engaged in my coursework, started talking to my profs and ultimately had more opportunities opened for me.



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