Louisa Xiluva Hill ’20

The IR Program would like to congratulate all those students who graduated from the IR Major in 2020. We want to honour the knowledge and insight these students have to share even though they are not able to do it in person, so will be featuring many of them in a series of interviews here online. Go forth, grads, we are proud of you! 

Name: Louisa Xiluva Hill

Started at UBC in: 2016

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Why did you choose to study IR?

An interdisciplinary approach to education has always appealed to me and I considered it to be a valuable addition to my other major which is psychology.

What was one significant learning moment that happened during your degree? 

I did not have one moment, but a gradual realisation that my interdisciplinary education was adding value to my understanding of the world and helping me think more broadly and creatively.

What is one thing that you did/were involved in that you think future IR students should consider? 

Participate in student clubs & campus activities related to issues or communities you care about even if it’s simply joining IRSA (IR student club); it will add value to your education as you get to apply your knowledge in the real world and experience in the real world the things that you discuss in class.

Most memorable or favourite IR class? And why? 

Soci 301 with prof Sule Yaylaci, it was my first soci class which combined a lot of issues I had studied to discuss development and underdevelopment.

Any advice for future IR Majors?

Be involved in the community as much as you can! IR is a degree about global citizenship and the world, so you should be participating in it as much as you are studying it.