Adrienne Ahn ’20

The IR Program would like to congratulate all those students who graduated from the IR Major in 2020. We want to honour the knowledge and insight these students have to share even though they are not able to do it in person, so will be featuring many of them in a series of interviews here online. Go forth, grads, we are proud of you! 

Name: Adrienne Ahn

Started at UBC in: 2015

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Why did you choose to study IR?

I chose IR because I wanted to be part of an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the intersection between local and global politics, economics, health, sustainability, gender studies, security and international development. As soon as I did research on the IR major at UBC, I knew this was my calling!

What was one significant learning moment that happened during your degree? 

Everything happens for a reason. I learned this lesson over and over again during my degree. The choices I contemplated over and the spontaneous decisions I made have led to some of my most valuable moments, whether it was working with a Professor on an event or mentoring younger students and coming full circle.

What is one thing that you did/were involved in that you think future IR students should consider? 

I would encourage future IR students to seek experiences. For some students this could mean joining the editorial board of an undergraduate journal or visiting Parliament Hill as a delegate in the WIH program organized by the UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs. Personally, I did both and they were phenomenal.

Most memorable or favourite IR class? And why? 

I have too many favourites, but my seminar in International Economic Relations was memorable because of the intimate and thought-provoking discussions we had as a genuinely diverse class.

Any advice for future IR Majors?

What they say when you first come to UBC is true. Tuum Est, it is yours. Learn all you can in ways that work for you. Take the time to get to know your peers and professors, I guarantee that you will learn more than what you first imagined.