IR Major Application Closes May 15

The 2019 application cycle for the International Relations Major will close on May 15, 2019. Admission decisions will be communicated to all applicants by June 15, 2019. A couple quick notes regarding the application:

  1. If you are a transfer student with 54 transferable credits you must first apply to UBC before applying to IR. If you have applied to UBC and are awaiting an admission decision, you can apply to IR and then provide an update once you hear back from UBC.
  2. You must have 54 completed credits to be accepted into the IR Major. If you will not have 54 credits by the end of April but will be obtaining them by the end of August 2019, then your admission decision will be delayed until the completion of 54 credits.

An overview of the IR admission requirements can be found on this page. To access the online form and apply, click here.

If you have any questions, email irmajor.program[at]

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