IR Students Receive Simons Award

Each year the Simons Award in Nuclear Disarmament and Global Security provides mentorship and a financial award for students to write a paper on the topic of nuclear disarmament. The award is presented through the Liu Institute in the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs and is funded by the Simons Foundation. Interested students submit a proposal of their topic of interest and are selected by committee.

This year, four IR Majors and one student completing an IR Minor were selected for this award. Their names and the title for the paper they intend to write is as follows:

Athena Kerins, Undergraduate student majoring in International Relations, Deterring Nuclear Terrorism

Fardous Ahmed, Undergraduate student majoring in International Relations, The Militarization of Outer Space Under U.S President Trump

Jenna Rogers, Undergraduate student majoring in International Relations and German, Iran’s Best Way Forward

Sky Shin, Undergraduate student majoring in Political Science and International Relations, The Impact of South Korea’s Political Regime on Nuclear Disarmament in North Korea

Aileen Murphy, Undergraduate student majoring in Hispanic Studies and minoring in IR, The Representation of Nuclear Weapons in American Cinema and the Influence on Public Opinion

Congratulations on this achievement – we look forward to seeing your papers published!

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