IR Alumna captures CBIE North Star Award for an Emerging Leader in International Education

Elise (2)Elise Goodreault graduated in 2009 with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Economics. Since entering the professional world, she has had a significant impact in her chosen field of work as demonstrated by her recent selection for the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s (CBIE) North Star Award for an Emerging Leader in International Education. This award is given to a new professional who has shown extraordinary promise in the field of international education; to recognize and encourage outstanding individuals to continue in the field. CBIE highlights her contributions:

“In the past four years, Elise Goodreault has helped over 2,000 international students from 57 countries at Fraser International College transition to Canadian higher education with a caring and compassionate approach. She introduced a popular “Open Mic Night” giving students the opportunity to express themselves creatively in a fun, welcoming space and developed a student leadership portal to streamline volunteer opportunities and host leadership training modules.” – CBIE News Release

In addition to her outstanding work at Fraser International College, Elise has given back to the IR program through speaking at IR events and volunteering as a mentor through the Arts Tri-Mentoring program.

For a full list of CBIE award winners in International Education, please visit:

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